NBAA Convention News

Air Routing integrates services

 - October 19, 2009, 2:55 PM

Air Routing is here at the NBAA Convention announcing it will integrate its Datalink, Trip Quote, Fuel Stop Analyzer, GPS RAIM Prediction, Runway Analysis and Domestic Flight Watch under a single portal–Flight Planner. The company, long known for international flight planning, also announced a new goal of becoming a flight-planning vendor of choice for domestic operators.

Calling its newest offerings a matchup between “expert service and technology,” Air Routing vice president of sales and marketing Tim Maystrick said, “We have always sought a one-stop solution to help flight departments solve their travel problems. During the economic downturn, we decided it was time to develop a number of new product offerings to be ready when the economy did come back to life.”

John Legh-Page, Air Routing’s chief information officer, said the new products were developed based specifically on customer input. He added that the Web-based Flight Planner is “global in reach and scope,” allowing crews to gather updates anywhere on the planet.

Legh-Page also said domestic, long considered a U.S. term in business aviation circles (at least in this country), is now defined by Air Routing as anywhere in the world a local pilot needs flight planning information.

For example, Datalink, Air Routing’s version of the aircraft/ ground interface, connects crews, via cockpit technology, to Air Routing or their own schedulers and dispatchers no matter where the aircraft is flying. Crews can send messages back directly from the aircraft and, by using the proper code, command the message to be sent to a group e-mail or fax list once it’s received on the ground.

While airborne, cockpit crews can also look at a variety of schedules and verify destination ground transportation by opening one application. Previously, the information required a variety of input to a number of different applications to solve a single problem.

In development for rollout next year is Air Routing’s Fuel-Tankering calculator which will not simply compute how much fuel a particular model aircraft can carry, but where the best location might be to stop for fuel, based upon criteria set by the user, such as price or even the security-threat level a user does not want to exceed.

The fuel calculator’s solution will flow into the Trip Quotes software, where data on parking and ramp fees can also be brought into the decision process, an item that is expected to be of considerable interest to Part 135 operators.

With the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme about to come online, Air Routing has partnered with the UK’s BSI to streamline compliance guidance by auditing data already captured by Flight Manager.

Air Routing’s European emissions spokesman Terry Yeomans said, “BSI is developing the procedures document that will help us ensure all our customers are in compliance.” Yeomans said that while initial auditing costs are expected to be higher than in subsequent years, Air Routing customers will receive a discount from BSI for audit services.