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FlightAware unveils FBO Toolbox app

 - October 19, 2009, 6:42 AM

FlightAware (Booth No.1693), the first company to offer free flight tracking of private and commercial aircraft, has announced its new FBO Toolbox, a Web-based, market-analysis and flight-tracking application. The new toolbox offers FBO managers an in-depth look into the flying habits of both current and potential customers. Elements of the Toolbox are also available on FlightAware’s just-launched iPhone application.

FlightAware’s proprietary, fuel-burn system, which calculates the number of gallons necessary to complete a filed flight plan, will now deliver FBO managers a clear picture of potential fuel sales on any given day. Another tool that should be of considerable use to managers, is the flight counter, which can display the number of times a particular aircraft has visited any FBO location in the past three, six, nine or 12-month period.

FlightAware’s Toolbox also offers interactive maps with click-to-zoom and Nexrad overlays, as well as inbound and outbound flights, nearby major airports and local aircraft. The system provides one-step data export, allowing numbers to be viewed and analyzed against the FAA aircraft-owner registry.