UK’s Coventry Airport Closed Until Further Notice

 - December 10, 2009, 10:34 AM

The UK’s Coventry Airport closed suddenly on Tuesday and at press time appeared unlikely to reopen. The airport’s private owners closed the facility after Britain’s Customs and Revenue department went to the high court seeking an order to liquidate the airport company–a move that normally results from non-payment of taxes. As of today, the airport had still not reopened and an employee in Coventry’s new executive jet center could not say when or if it would reopen. He would not comment on how many business aircraft were on the ground at Coventry at the time of the closure and when these aircraft might be able to leave. The airport’s ATC services have been suspended. AIN attempted to contact the owners of the airport but could not get a response by press time. The airport was put up for sale in May. Besides the Coventry Airport Executive Jet Centre FBO, the field is home to 10 aircraft charter operators, two maintenance providers and the Almat Flying Club.