Singapore Air Show

JetNet Unveils Evolution Upgrades

 - February 2, 2010, 1:44 AM

Aircraft research and information provider JetNet is displaying a series of enhancements to its Evolution software interface here at the Singapore Airshow. The biggest change, according to the company, involves a set of “Views,” or summary pages, that gather information from throughout the Evolution program and compile it into single screens of lists, graphs and tables for easy assessment of market status and trends.

Subscribers to JetNet’s service can choose from a variety of Views, specific to their industry profession and particular needs. The Views package complements the Evolution interface rather than replaces it, stressed the company. For example, where subscribers previously searched multiple modules of the Evolution interface to gather data on one aircraft or market, they now can access the relevant information with a single glance in the model market summary view. Aircraft top-level information, market conditions and history appear there and are updated as often
as once a minute for live-service customers.