NBAA Fighting Washington State Aircraft Taxes

 - February 25, 2010, 10:05 AM

NBAA issued a call to action to oppose a proposed bill in the Washington state legislature that would impose a 0.5-percent excise tax on aircraft in the state. House Bill 3176 (HB 3176) and accompanying Senate Bill 6873 (SB 6873) would impose this annual tax, according to the most recent sales price, depreciated via a state-mandated schedule. While NBAA is dedicating significant resources to fight this new tax, including hosting a Web page with more information, the association still needs individual operators to contact their elected officials and voice their opposition. “As an example of its impact, if this bill passes, the owner of a $10 million aircraft will pay $50,000 in new taxes each year,” NBAA said. Washington aircraft owners who try to avoid the tax by registering the aircraft in another state would still be liable for the tax, the association said. Even more alarming, a portion of the bill would require operators doing business in Washington to pay this tax, regardless of their base of operations. NBAA said that this wording would apply to transient aircraft that fly into Washington and operate any business in the state.