Bombardier First OEM To Earn Afra Certification

 - March 3, 2010, 11:11 AM

The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (Afra) and Bombardier Aerospace have announced that Bombardier’s aircraft dismantling operations have received Afra accreditation for teardown efforts for CRJ100/200s at Bombardier’s service centers in Bridgeport W.Va., and Tucson, Ariz. Afra promotes best practices for salvaging and recycling components taken from aging aircraft during disassembly. “The endorsement by Afra marks another step in Bombardier’s drive to reduce the environmental impact of its products at each stage of the aircraft’s life cycle, up to and including the end of its service life,” said James Hoblyn, Bombardier Aerospace president for customer services and specialized and amphibious aircraft. “We are proud to be the first OEM to obtain certification, and we’re committed to being at the forefront of the aerospace industry with regard to corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship, whether it be in recycling aircraft parts, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions or designing aircraft with reduced environmental impact.” According to Afra, its member companies have recycled 217,000 tons of aluminum, 3,700 tons of high-strength alloys and 600 tons of used aircraft parts that were returned safely to service.