NATA Launches Flight-risk Assessment Tool

 - March 11, 2010, 11:13 AM

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) launched RA Check, an FAA-endorsed flight-risk assessment tool (Frat) designed to consider the probability, severity and weighted value of 38 leading accident causal factors. Developed by FAA officials, aircraft operators and other industry representatives, NATA’s Frat is designed to identify potential hazards before flight and weigh the risk associated with each hazard through a five-step process. To use the tool, operators must create numerical thresholds that trigger additional levels of scrutiny before a flight. RA Check removes subjectivity and standardizes results, saving operators time and money while improving safety, NATA said. “RA Check fulfills a vital role in safety management programs with the perfect combination of sound safety risk assessment methodology and convenient automation features,” said NATA president James Coyne. “Safety and compliance tools such as RA Check and IC [In Compliance] Check are greatly improving the balance between safety and productivity.” NATA is offering a free 30-day trial registration; a subscription costs $99.95 ($79.95 for NATA members) per aircraft per month, though there are discounts for more than three aircraft.