FAA Suspends Darby Part 135 Certificate

 - April 13, 2010, 2:56 PM

The FAA issued an Emergency Order of Suspension to Part 135 charter operator Darby Aviation/AlphaJet International. Darby has the right to appeal the suspension within 10 days. The FAA’s order includes a long list of issues, including not having an accepted operations manual or approved training program; not identifying names of management personnel or people authorized to exercise operational control; not having proper procedures for weight-and-balance, airworthiness, accident notification, compliance with emergency procedures; and much more, many having to do with either missing references in the manual or references to sections that do not exist. Darby Aviation’s Part 135 certificate was suspended following the February 2005 Platinum Jet Management Challenger overrun accident in Teterboro, N.J., but Darby was able to resume flying charters. The NTSB said that Darby failed to maintain operational control of Platinum flights conducted on Darby’s 135 certificate. Darby is working on a response to the recent suspension order, according to director of operations John Morrison. “It’s time to fight back here,” he told AIN.