AEC Offers Online Tech Pubs and Revision Service

 - April 28, 2010, 12:36 PM

Maintenance personnel familiar with the challenges of matching maintenance and certification documents with the actual aircraft configuration will appreciate a solution offered by Sandy, Ore.-based AEC. The company has introduced OTP+R (online technical publications and revisions). “With the launch of OTP+R, business aircraft operators and their maintenance personnel now have on-demand access and revision control to critical documents from anywhere in the world via the Internet,” said Ernie Brache, the company’s founder and president. According to Brache, OTP+R is an annual subscription-based service that will streamline maintenance and the certification processes by on-demand access to documents that can be viewed or downloaded via the Internet. The subscription includes automatic updates to component vendor manuals, ensuring they remain current. The service also helps ensure that all maintenance and certification documents reflect the actual aircraft configuration. Operators are provided a means to submit engineering data from service centers and/or the operator’s maintenance department to AEC, which then uses the engineering data to revise the aircraft documentation. Fees are based on time and materials and a case-by-case review of the scope of work required to complete the requested revisions.