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NetJets Europe adopts ‘green’ catering

 - April 28, 2010, 6:27 AM

NetJets Europe has introduced a new range of recyclable packaging for in-flight catering as part of its ongoing effort to reduce the carbon footprint of its services. The fractional ownership provider now gives passengers their meals in a box made from sustainable source bamboo, along with wooden cutlery and porcelain containers–all of which can be reused. The lids are biodegradable.

The catering boxes are about half the size of the previous boxes available on NetJets Europe flights and the packaging has been adapted to meet the storage requirements on its small- and midsize jets. The company has set specific targets for recycling the boxes, containers and cutlery and requires its crews, FBOs, caterers and cleaners to ensure that these are met.

Last year, NetJets Europe (Booth No. 7071) launched a program called “Real Difference” in which it pledged to reduce its environmental impact. The new catering boxes are part of the “Every Day
Difference” facet of this campaign, which is aimed at making the company’s operational processes more sustainable. Customers who have joined the program since 2007 are subject to mandatory carbon-offset charges and the company is also helping to fund environmental research and development work through its “Green horizons” initiative.     o诀