FAA: Aircraft Re-registration To Begin This Fall

 - July 20, 2010, 10:53 AM

The FAA yesterday issued its final ruling mandating the re-registration of all U.S. civil aircraft. In an effort to clear clutter from the aircraft registry and provide more up-to-date information to law enforcement and other agencies, the FAA will require owners to begin re-registering their aircraft in a rolling program that will begin November 1 and end in December 2013. The first three-month window will involve only aircraft whose certificates were issued in March of any year. The registration process will then move on to certificates issued in April and so on for the next three years. The ruling also calls for aircraft registration renewals every three years. While owners with no changes to their registration will be able to re-register their aircraft online, those with changes will be required to submit their applications through the mail. Industry experts, including Jeff Wieand of Business Jet Traveler magazine, are advising owners to submit their applications as early as possible in their appropriate window to allow the agency time to process and mail the new registrations. The FAA, which maintains information on 357,000 aircraft in its registry, said that nearly one third are no longer eligible for registration because of incorrect addresses or other registration errors, aircraft inactivity or disposal and/or revoked certificates. This new ruling could result in the cancellation of registration of more than 100,000 aircraft over the next three years.