Venice Airport FBO May Still Get Hangar Permits

 - September 9, 2010, 12:08 PM

Due to a technicality, the FAA dismissed the Part 16 complaint against the city of Venice, Fla., for denying permits for the sole FBO at Venice Municipal Airport to build four new 8,000-sq-ft hangars mainly for business jets, turboprops and helicopters. The Venice Jet Center filed the complaint two years ago, but since then the FBO was bought in receivership by Tristate Aviation and renamed Suncoast Air Center. In its September 1 decision, the FAA said it was forced to dismiss the complaint because it was filed by the previous owner, not Tristate. However, the agency, in a previous decision, said the city must allow the FBO to build the hangars because of federal airport grant assurances. It also left the door open for Tristate to file an immediate Part 16 complaint, thus eliminating the usual waiting period to do so, should it apply for, and be denied, new permits to build the four hangars. “At that time, any subsequent refusal by the city, without sufficient justification, to allow Tristate to build the hangars may result in a finding that the city is in violation of its grant assurances,” the FAA reiterated. Suncoast Air Center manager Marty Kretchman told AIN that he intends to file for new permits for the hangars in December or January, following city council elections.