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Astronics offers new LED lights

 - October 13, 2010, 11:32 AM

Astronics, a provider of advanced, high-performance lighting and electronics systems for the global aerospace industry, has announced a new line of LED landing and taxi lights that consume much less power than the incandescent lights that they replace.

Available in standard PAR36 and PAR46 sizes and a variety of beam patterns, the new LED lights are designed to optimize “the optical efficiency of the parabolic reflector by placing the LED within the reflector’s focal spot,” according to Astronics (Booth No. 3653). This positioning amplifies light intensity by redirecting and refocusing stray light back into the reflector. The design requires fewer LEDs, which means that the lights generate less heat, weigh less and last longer, the company said, “resulting in a more stable and reliable product.”

“In contrast to many of the competing LED landing/taxi lights that employ large quantities of LEDs pointed straight outward,” said Perry Rucker, sales and marketing manager for the exterior lighting product line, “our approach results in a more efficient thermal design, ensuring a stable light output over the life of the product.”