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Floors provide canvas for Redford’s works of art

 - October 13, 2010, 8:31 AM

Redford Corp. of Kingwood, Texas (Booth No. 2235), a commercial flooring company that installs, services and maintains aircraft hangars, has been installing hangar floors for nearly three decades. Now, when a customer wants its hangar floor repaired or designed to include a distinctive floor graphic, Redford offers a solution.

“About a year ago we started working with a company that can print any logo on a vinyl base for us,” said president Keith Redford. “We then prepare the floor surface, place the artwork and encapsulate it with a urethane polymer, which stands up very well to normal wear and tear. It is a great way to customize a hangar floor. We’ve been installing hangar floors almost exclusively for corporate aviation for 27 years. Fortune 500 flight departments are our bread and butter.”

According to Redford, the company is approaching the figure of 22 million sq ft of flooring systems installed, including more than 1,500 hangar floors in 38 states and countries as far away as Asia.

Redford said when a customer builds a new hangar, his company will repair any cracks or spalling, prepare the surface and typically coat it with four coats of epoxy urethane. “[The coating] bounces the existing light, making it much easier to work underneath an aircraft where overhead light sources wouldn’t otherwise reach,” he said. “It has the added advantage of making the surface easier to clean, and, in addition, surrounding the aircraft in light makes it look twice as expensive and bigger.”

The company has done lighting tests that indicate the treated floor surface improves overall light by as much as 200 percent over an untreated surface. As to cost, Redford said, “Many ­factors drive the cost but it is generally in the $1.50 to $2.50 per square foot range.”