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Thrane’s Aero SB is now Aviator

 - October 19, 2010, 5:05 PM

Danish satellite communications equipment manufacturer Thrane & Thrane (Booth No. 5921) is introducing its latest and smallest SwiftBroadband airborne product, Aviator 200, as well as a new wireless handset. Thrane & Thrane has renamed its SwiftBroadband portfolio from “Aero SB” to “Aviator” with a new product designation format. Now, for each SwiftBroadband-family product Thrane & Thrane uses the Aviator brand name followed by a numeric designator reflecting the level of SwiftBroadband service. Thus, the portfolio has been renamed as follows: Aero-SB+ is now Aviator 700; Aero-SB Lite (high gain antenna) is Aviator 350; Aero-SB Lite (intermediate gain antenna) is Aviator 300; and new to the group is Aviator 200. “The Aviator 200 system expands our portfolio even further and provides SwiftBroadband capabilities for even smaller aircraft,” explained Kim Gram, vice president, aeronautical business. Aviator 200 provides data speeds up to 200 Kbps and a single AMBE 2 channel for voice. Data and voice capability via wired or wireless connections built into the Aviator 200 alleviates the need for external wired and wireless routers. The new Aviator wireless handset with echo and noise cancellation allows anyone on the aircraft to make and receive in-flight calls and to text. Tactile controls and a 2.2-inch color screen make it similar to cell or mobile phones.<o:p></o:p>