NBAA Convention News

Two airframers, mod shop pick L-3’s ESI-2000

 - October 19, 2010, 3:56 PM

The L-3 Avionics Trilogy electronic standby instrument has been selected by Piper Aircraft and Pilatus as standard equipment on the new PiperJet and PC-12 NG, respectively, and as a component of the Sierra Industries G501SP digital avionics upgrade for the Cessna Citation 501. The 3-ATI backup indicator, which operates independently of other aircraft systems, is on display at the L-3 Avionics booth (No. 4308). L-3’s Grand Rapids, Mich., Avionics Systems has also announced that its SkyWatch collision avoidance system, with a software upgrade to make it compatible with ADS-B, will be available by the summer of 2011. The ESI-2000 (electronic standby instrument), which combines attitude, air data and optional heading with battery backup, will be standard equipment on the PiperJet Altaire, a seven-seat single-engine jet now in development, and also for the Sierra Industries Citation 501 panel upgrade. The ESI-1000, identical in form and function to the ESI-2000 but without battery backup, will be an OEM standard element of the Pilatus PC-12 NG turboprop single starting late this year. ADS-B-capable versions of the L-3 Avionics SkyWatch HP models SKY899 and SKY899A traffic alert systems are expected to be available in mid-2011. Pre-installed updated software will fuse active traffic and mode-S transponder returns to provide complete collision warning and traffic advisories in the forthcoming ATC environment. An upgrade for existing SkyWatch HP units will also be available.