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Otonomy Parabellum guards aircraft

 - October 20, 2010, 1:32 PM

Otonomy Aviation (Booth No. 4609) has completed development of its new Parabellum system for guarding aircraft while they are parked on the ramp. The system uses high definition CAMHD-1 video cameras mounted on the exterior of the aircraft. The cameras can also provide video for the cabin entertainment system.

Aircraft operators can remotely access the video feed via 3G smartphones. The unit is managed via a touchscreen control interface, which itself is security-protected because operators have to identify themselves via a radio frequency identification reader, inputting a personal identification number or with a fingerprint reader.

The camera, which is installed in a low-drag housing, simultaneously generates both analog and digital video outputs to cockpit and cabin displays. It can be installed in either the aircraft tail or the belly of the fuselage. The high-performance 1080i imager can work in almost any conditions from bright sunshine to low light.

The touchscreen interface unit is a display mounted in the aircraft cabin that allows the operator to review security event information and video recordings. It has ultra-low power consumption, allowing it to operate without an external battery for up to 30 days without recharging.

Parabellum also incorporates a video control and communication unit. This includes motion analysis software to minimize false alarm rates and it can detect human activity at up to almost 200 feet from the aircraft.

The complete Parabellum system weighs just over two pounds, barely one-fifth of the weight of the lightest unit in the competing family of video security systems, according to Otonomy director Guillaume Daudon.