Soloy Aviation Solutions Now Offers Avionics

 - November 10, 2010, 10:51 AM

Soloy Aviation Solutions, which has historically focused on helicopter and fixed-wing engine product development, has added an avionics business based on the need to integrate avionics with the engine system. “We essentially had to start our own avionics business to be able to meet our customers’ needs,” David Stauffer, Soloy Aviation Solutions’ CEO, told AIN. “The avionics business isn’t as lucrative as it used to be and many providers have cut back on staff and infrastructure, limiting their ability to support our requirements in a timely manner,” Stauffer said. “We recruited Don Hall and father/son team Pat and John Atchison, who have backgrounds that include NASA, Boeing, the U.S. Army and Sundstrand. Together with William Humburg, our quality assurance manager, they completed the necessary requirements to add avionics services to our FAA repair station license,” he said. Soloy has also recently been named a dealership and factory-authorized facility for Garmin and Aspen Avionics, and a distributor for Aviall and Edmo. “We’ve been putting Garmin 500s in our Soloy conversions and this year we’re going to gross over a quarter million in the avionics segment alone.”