NBAA Confirms Aussie Transport Security Requirement

 - November 11, 2010, 11:09 AM

A six-year-old Australian law that requires international operators of jet aircraft exceeding 12,500 pounds mtow to have a Transport Security Program (TSP) has received new attention from NBAA in recent days. That nation’s Aviation Transport Security Act stipulates a penalty of more than Aus $20,000 if an operator, which includes charter and some privately flown jets, flies in “air service” without a TSP. On Tuesday, NBAA reconfirmed with the Australian government that this is still a requirement. “This is something that people probably should be aware of if they are going to Australia, that there is the requirement for a security program to be approved for operations into and within Australia,” said NBAA vice president of safety, security and regulation Doug Carr. He said he is researching what information the Australian government is asking for and how it compares with the security programs most flight departments already have in place. “I don’t get the impression that this is very difficult,” Carr added. The Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport’s Web site has guidance on how to prepare a TSP.