Sifco Offers Cadmium Touch-up Kit for AOG Applications

 - November 24, 2010, 9:20 AM

“We have a specialized process to repair damaged cadmium that makes it particularly suitable to AOG applications,” Derek Vanek, Sifco Applied Surface Concepts manager of inside sales and support, told AIN. Vanek explained that high-strength steel, such as that used in landing gear and other cadmium-plated structural components, is susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement. “Normally baking operations are performed to remove the problem but our process is such that, for touch-up applications, our solution can be applied without a post-plating bake, which makes it both cost effective and a big time saver if you’re AOG in the field,” he said. The kit contains everything a trained technician needs to do small touch-up repairs. “What commonly happens is a shop will have to pull all the necessary tooling and equipment together and send it into the field, assuming they have the necessary solutions to begin with. Our kit is prepacked and ready to go. We can also drop-ship it directly to an aircraft in the field.” The cost of the kit is $6,775.


Please provide a product brochure for review possible implementation. The non-post-bake requirements are of specific interest.

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