MEBAA Convention News

Vision Systems showing IFE and nuanced windows at MEBA 2010

 - December 8, 2010, 1:00 PM

Vision Systems, which is exhibiting at the MEBA show for the first time (Booth No. C714), is displaying its newest offerings in sun protection and in-flight entertainment systems. These include dimmable cabin windows and an all-in-one multimedia electronic unit.

The French company is introducing the Nuance system as an alternative to conventional shades. "We have built prototypes of this dimmable window, which is suitable for curved and large surfaces," said Vision Systems spokeswoman Sonia Descoins. The equipment can be retrofitted in existing aircraft, although it is somewhat difficult procedure.

Descoins admitted that the new device is more expensive than a mechanical shade. "But you get rid of the rolling-up problem you can have with leather shades," she pointed out. In addition, the passenger can set the desired lighting precisely. Also, such a design better integrates into a VIP cabin interior, she said.

Another version that permits only the choice between clear and dark settings is cheaper. "It is more adapted to a dividing wall," Descoins noted. Vision Systems' solar equipment also includes cockpit visors and roller shades.

Centralized Cabin Control

Vision Systems also is pitching the Visibox as a new centralized control unit for cabin systems. The new single unit includes all the hardware to control cabin lighting and temperature, multimedia applications, moving maps and so forth. "It is designed for small environments like Learjet and Citation cabins," Descoins sa