FAA: NVG Aircraft “Frequently Out Of Compliance”

 - December 23, 2010, 9:28 AM

The FAA has issued a safety alert (SAFO 10022) for operators of aircraft equipped with night-vision imaging systems (NVIS), including night-vision goggles. The SAFO is based on an FAA random nationwide sampling of NVIS-equipped aircraft that found them “frequently out of compliance” due to the installation of conflicting light-emitting/reflecting equipment or improperly filtered light-emitting equipment; failure of operators to maintain NVIS equipment properly; and failure of flight crews to report NVIS-related discrepancies to aircraft maintainers. The FAA faulted improper maintenance after NVIS installation and strongly suggested widespread deficiencies in regular inspections of this equipment. “The likelihood of configuration and maintenance problems increases as aircraft continue in service after NVIS modifications.” The FAA recommends that data and instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA) are current and correct; that NVIS equipment is properly maintained and maintenance personnel properly trained to support it; that flight crews understand the importance of reporting NVIS problems; and that aircraft configuration/conformity is checked to ensure installed NVIS complies with the applicable STC.