IA Policy Change Generates Hundreds of Comments

 - January 19, 2011, 11:22 AM

The FAA's proposal to clarify the definition of "actively engaged≤ for airframe & powerplant mechanics who hold the Inspection Authorization (IA) certificate resulted in 907 public submissions to the docket. To obtain and then renew the IA every two years, mechanics must have been actively engaged in aircraft maintenance for the past two years. Under the new policy, the FAA would specify that "Applicants who are employed full-time in inspecting, overhauling, repairing, preserving or replacing parts on aircraft are considered to be actively engaged." This could result in thousands of IAs losing their certificates at the next renewal date because they are working in jobs that donπt meet the actively engaged standard. One commenter noted that "if the definition of actively engaged is changed as [proposed], that is setting up an A&P for falsification." Another wrote, "I believe anyone who has taken the time and effort to obtain and maintain an Inspection Authorization is actively engaged. I know several fellow IAs who may not turn a wrench every day but they are still actively engaged in the aviation maintenance field. Some are managers like me, and others are pilots; in all cases we are actively engaged."