Shortage of TPE331 Parts Affecting Operators

 - February 24, 2011, 10:00 AM

Operators and service centers of Honeywell TPE331-powered aircraft are reporting lengthy delays for delivery of engine parts. “We’re running out of overhauled engines and rentals,” said one company representative involved with TPE331-powered aircraft. According to the FAA, the parts production delays are not because of quality issues. “Honeywell Aerospace has moved the manufacturing/production of TPE331 engine parts to a Honeywell Aerospace site outside the U.S.,” the FAA told AIN. “The change of location was coordinated with the FAA. We understand that there have been identified material shortages due to manufacturing/production delays not as a result of quality problems,” said an agency spokesman. Industry insiders told AIN that TPE331 parts production has been moved to Honeywell factories in Mexico, India and the Czech Republic, although a Honeywell spokesman would confirm only that TPE331 parts are “sourced globally.” He added, “Honeywell continues to see increasing demand for its TPE331 turboprop engines and parts. Since late last fall, Honeywell has been addressing delays in engine and parts delivery related to this increasing demand. To minimize the impact to our customers, the company has teams working the outstanding parts issues and addressing them in a number of ways. We have accessed our ‘engine bank’ loan program and leveraged other assets to keep customers’ aircraft flying. Based on current progress, the company expects to have this issue resolved by the end of June.”