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EBACE 2011: King Air GTR Is a GCS First

 - May 17, 2011, 12:09 AM

At the NBAA convention in October, Hawker Beechcraft announced the King Air 250, the predecessor to the King Air B200GT. Here at EBACE, Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer Support made its first major King Air announcement, King Air 200GTR. Quite simply, this is the aftermarket upgrade of the 200GT that gives it the performance improvements of the King Air 250.

“The upgrade gives the 200GTR an 18-percent reduction in takeoff roll, which allows you to take off over a 50-foot obstacle in just over 2,100 feet,” Brian Howell, Hawker Beechcraft, vice president, strategic aftermarket integration, GCS told AIN. “With this upgrade, you can use 1,000 more airports worldwide than you could not use before.”

Just like the King Air 250, the aftermarket mod includes Boundary Layer Research composite winglets, Hartzell composite props and a Raisbeck ram-air recovery system. “If you make these modifications to a King Air 200GT, you essentially end up with a production King Air 250,” said Howell.

The upgrade costs $350,000 and will take about two weeks to install, “as it does not entail an engine change or major airframe change,” he added.