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EBACE 2011: Nexus Partners with Argus for Middle East Offering

 - May 17, 2011, 5:02 AM

Middle East flight operations support provider Nexus has teamed with Argus International, an aviation safety management company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, to bring Argus’s services to the Middle East and North Africa. Nexus, which is a subsidiary of the MAZ Aviation Group, announced two new flight operations centers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain in December.

“Aviation safety and security within the region are of our utmost importance,” said Nexus president and CEO Abdullah Al-Sayed. “This new initiative as we work in conjunction with a global leader Argus International will certainly enhance and develop the services we provide to our clients and further demonstrate our commitment to the safety of our clients.”

Argus is equally bullish about the alliance. Joe Moeggenberg, president, added: “As this is our first venture into the region we are looking forward to working with Nexus to ensure we are providing the same level of support and expertise to local operators as we are to our North American operators.”  

Nexus also recently launched a joint venture with FlightSafety International to provide training for aircraft dispatchers in the Middle East. The Nexus set-up further includes a satellite concierge operation in Egypt and plans for an additional one in Hyderabad, India. It also has a partnership to provide security support for its customers through FAM Security International.