ST Aerospace Named Independent TrueEngine MRO Shop

 - July 13, 2011, 11:00 AM

ST Aerospace has become a TruEngine service provider and claims to be the first independent MRO shop to earn that distinction. It joins GE Aviation Services and Snecma, which have a 50-50 stake in CFM International. The TruEngine program, launched in 2008, was developed in response to a growing industry need to better understand the maintenance history of engines as they come up for resale. More than 6,100 CFM56 engines have been qualified with the TruEngine program, and the program serves as a method for identifying engines that have been maintained in accordance with CFM-issued recommendations. Because ST Aerospace is a TruEngine MRO provider, all CFM56 engines it overhauls are eligible for TruEngine status, allowing the engine serial numbers to be included in the TruEngine database made available to industry appraisers and potential buyers. “We are pleased to be a part of the TruEngine program, and to further develop our longstanding partnership with CFM and GE across the various dimensions of engine MRO total support for the CFM56,” said Chang Cheow Teck, president of ST Aerospace.