FltPlan Offers Flight Privacy Program for Bizav

 - August 18, 2011, 10:40 AM

In the wake of the Block Aircraft Registration Request (Barr) program’s demise, FltPlan is offering a “call sign” program that allows business aircraft owners and operators a way to prevent their “tail number from appearing on flight tracking programs.” The company’s program, which costs $250 per year per aircraft, is much more inclusive than the FAA’s new Certified Security Concern list, which allows aircraft tail-number blocking only if operators can show a “verifiable threat to person, property or company.” The limitation is that the call-sign program is for “established,” not new, FltPlan customers. The company defines an “established” customer as “a pilot who files flight plans with us on a regular basis.” While Part 91 operators are ineligible for their own calls signs, FAA Advisory Circular AC120-26J, which outlines the criteria and procedures for obtaining a call sign, allows “servicing agencies” to have one. FltPlan’s call sign is Dotcom (FAA/ICAO three-letter designator DCM). The FAA declined to answer AIN’s questions about the legality of a servicing agency selling the use of its call sign as a Barr-like replacement. FltPlan’s program appears to be quite effective after it asked the FAA last week to block flights using its call sign from the public radar feed, a move itself that has created another controversy.