Hawker Beechcraft Picks Mobile Team Base Locations

 - September 7, 2011, 10:20 AM

Hawker Beechcraft has selected the base locations for its previously announced mobile technical support team’s ground support vehicles. The West Coast team, covering Arizona, Nevada and California, is based at AvJet in Burbank. The Northeast team, which covers New York, New Jersey and Virginia, will be based at Hawker Beechcraft's Wilmington facility. The ground support vehicles are supplemented by a dedicated support aircraft. The mobile technical support team is focused on providing “quick response to unexpected customer service issues,” according to the company. These services include “on-site troubleshooting, minor scheduled maintenance, limited scope time items, parts changes, avionics research for Part 91 operators and engine removal and reinstallation on the entire family of HBC aircraft.” Christi Tannahill, vice president of customer support, said, “Speed of response is critical. To make sure the right resources arrive quickly, we are positioning our highly knowledgeable team of expert technicians, field support and management personnel where they can be equipped and dispatched on short notice anywhere in the continental U.S. Positioning the teams in these locations enables us to broaden our service area while ensuring we provide the best customer experience.”