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BLR Has King Air Operators Looking UPP

 - October 11, 2011, 3:01 AM

BLR Aerospace has achieved FAA certification for its latest upgrade package for the King Air 200 series turboprops. The Everett, Wash.-based performance enhancement specialist’s new Ultimate Performance Package (UPP) for the B200GT, developed in conjunction with Hawker Beechcraft, includes the BLR winglet system, the Raisbeck Ram-Air Recovery System and Hartzell’s newest composite four-blade propellers. While each individual system has already earned an STC, BLR (Booth No. C11838) has integrated them under its own STC, which includes an FAA-certified flight manual supplement. Hawker Beechcraft is marketing the same aftermarket package as the King Air 200GTR, and according to the OEM, it will allow the turboprop twin to take off from sea-level runways and clear a 50-foot obstacle in 2,100 feet, an improvement of 23 percent over the performance of a base 200GT. Such an increase would give the modified aircraft access to 1,000 more airports globally than a standard 200GT. “The Ultimate Performance Package is just that,” said Dave Marone, BLR vice president of sales and marketing. “These certified upgrades provide measurable advantages that combine to multiply productivity for operators who demand the most from their assets.” Taken individually, the BLR composite winglets reduce drag and improve low-speed handling, while the Raisbeck ram-air recovery system allows the PT6A engines to maintain more available torque at higher density altitudes. The composite Hartzell props offer reduced weight while simultaneously increasing strength and durability and improving short-field and climb performance. Other benefits of the combination include an approximate 8-percent reduction in fuel burn during climb, increased maximum operating speed of up to 36 knots and a range increase of more than 225 nm at max range power. EASA and Brazilian ANAC certification for the upgrade package are pending.