Leaded Avgas Attracts Another Lawsuit

 - March 13, 2012, 4:00 PM

Environmental group Friends of the Earth filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), charging the agency with failure to respond to its 2006 petition requesting the regulation of lead emissions from GA aircraft under the Clean Air Act. In the petition, the group asked the EPA to rule that emissions from aircraft that burn leaded fuel may pose a threat to public health. According to the group, nearly six years later, there has been no final action from the agency. “The EPA’s continuing failure to do what the law requires and address this pollution leaves us no choice but to take this critical public-health issue to the courts,” said Marcie Keever, the group’s legal director. If successful, the legal action will force the EPA process for a potential hazard ruling onto a court-ordered timeline.

In response, an industry coalition formed by most of the aviation alphabet groups cited work done toward the development and deployment of an unleaded replacement fuel, and noted that final regulatory authority for all aviation fuel changes lies with the FAA, not the EPA. “Despite the lawsuit, the near-term availability of leaded aviation fuel is not threatened in any way,” the coalition said.

This latest lawsuit follows an action filed last year by the Center for Environmental Health, a California-based environmental action group that is seeking the ban of leaded avgas sales in the state, along with possibly millions of dollars in punitive damages claims against FBOs and fuel distributors.


Lead is electro static. Meaning it attracts oppositely charged particles. For the very tiny amount of lead widely dispersed in the atmosphere by aircraft, the lead acts as an atmospheric cleanser removing other toxic airborne particulates; or is environmentally beneficial. More importantly, the planet has 1200 active volcanoes placing best estimates are between 300 billion tons to over a trillion tons per year of highly toxic heavy metal ash and dust in the upper atmosphere which stays there from months to years returning to earth nearly anywhere causing large undocumented, serious, geographically localized illnesses.

With lead at one part per million in avgas, it has never been and will never be an atmospheric pollutant. In tiny amounts, widely dispersed in the atmosphere, lead is an atmospheric cleanser, highly environmentally beneficial. It would likely take over a 1000 years of the entire aircraft fleet flying to equal one year of volcanic atmospheric pollution. The EPA has wasted over $3 trillion in its 40 plus year existence because nature has undone nearly every clean up the EPA has attempted based on the beyond huge and highly toxic natural volcanic emissions.
Please help get the right and proper scientific help to the defenders of highly beneficial lead in avgas; to stop the witch hunt against lead in avgas.

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