Brand-new King Air Ditches on Ferry Flight

 - April 5, 2012, 2:50 PM

A new Hawker Beechcraft King Air C90GTx delivered on Monday was ditched into the ocean some 17 miles north of Oranjestad, Aruba, the following day during the ferry flight to Brazil. An NTSB spokesman told AIN that the two Brazilian nationals flying the twin turboprop were unharmed in the ditching and subsequent rescue by the Dutch navy. The pilots declared an emergency after both engines lost power, said the NTSB, which is investigating the accident. The King Air sank in 4,000 feet of water.


Flown those things 1400nms+ with reserves- how could they run out of fuel at 1050-17 ams? With GPS and everything- must have been first timers

Flying at FL 185 without IFR license.

The aircraft ran out of fuel exactly where the manual states. Often South American bravado feel speed is preferable to the long range cruise at slower speeds. Guess it is difficult to fix inexperence and stupid at the same time.

And I always thought that Aruba was located in the Caribbean? Have they moved the island into the Atlantic??? No wonder they ran out fuel. showed them at FL270 and after losing power it was in. 3500fpm dive then it stopped tracking. They flew over dozens of islands that they could've stopped at along the way. Wonder what insurance is saying?

They called for a ferry estimate but thought they could do it themselves.
FL185 Really?


Hey, I am from South America as a matter of fact, and yes sometimes there is a little bit of bravado down there but this one is pure estupidity and probably lack of experience. By the way I am a retired 747 captain with 22,000 hours and 48 years as a licensed pilot.... I guess my bravado didn't kill me all this time...

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