FlightSafety Renews Program for Laid-off Pilots, Techs

 - April 5, 2012, 3:00 PM

FlightSafety International announced yesterday that it is again offering its proficiency protection program for 2012. The program is intended to help laid-off business aircraft pilots and maintenance technicians maintain their proficiency by providing no-cost training.

To be eligible, pilots and technicians must have lost their jobs as a result of a staff reduction or job elimination that occurred after January 1 this year. In addition, they must have been training under a FlightSafety full-service contract at the time of the involuntary job loss.

For pilots, the no-cost training provided under the program will be for an aircraft type that they trained on under that agreement. Maintenance technicians who were enrolled in the company’s master technician program at the time of involuntary job loss can receive the next course toward the completion of the program at no cost. The free course must be started while the pilot or technician is unemployed and completed by year-end.

Pilots and technicians who qualify and take advantage of this program “are not required to repay the cost of the course or to enter into a new training agreement with FlightSafety once re-employed,” the company said.

Program details, including eligibility requirements and training request forms, are available at FlightSafety’s website.