Epic Aviation To Debut UVair Network

 - May 3, 2012, 5:17 PM

Moving on from the February dissolution of its licensing agreement with BP for use of the Air BP name, fuel distributor Epic Aviation expects to complete the rebranding of the former Air BP network of FBOs in the U.S. and Canada to its own Epic Aviation brand this summer.

The Oregon-based company’s recent alliance with flight-planning provider Universal Weather & Aviation will soon bear fruit. Next month, Epic will roll out a premier brand among its 300-plus affiliate FBOs known as the UVair FBO Network, which will debut at more than 20 major gateway airports.

These FBOs were selected for not only their level of amenities, but also for their safety records. Epic Aviation said these facilities will provide additional customer services available through the Universal partnership.

Last month, Epic announced the creation of a joint venture agreement with China’s National Aviation Fuel Group (CNAF) to develop a general aviation services network, signaling the company’s desire to increase its global footprint beyond North America.