Cadorath Aerospace Adds Bell Helicopter Repairs

 - May 9, 2012, 10:57 AM
Cadorath Aerospace now offers nearly 800 approved repairs for the Bell line.

Winnipeg, Manitoba-based Cadorath Aerospace has added 15 new Bell helicopter repairs to its list of services. The company’s design and engineering department has an ongoing program to develop approved repairs for the Bell product line and is nearing almost 800 repairs now available.

Cadorath Aerospace recently engineered repairs are on the Bell 204B, 205A-1 and 212 rework lines, according to Cadorath senior vice president David Haines. “We’re pleased to be on target this year in our commitment of developing a lengthy list of new repair capabilities for Bell helicopters. Our most recent development is for the Bell main transmission case.”

The company’s Winnipeg and Lafayette, La. facilities are Rolls-Royce 250 authorized repair facilities. The company’s 100,000-sq-ft rework facility repairs and overhauls more than 12,000 parts per year.

Ramping up to meet demand, Cadorath purchased a machine shop as well as two CNC machining centers to provide additional support for Bell Helicopter and Rolls-Royce component rework programs. “Our two new Doosan Machining Centers add 20 percent more production capacity. We now have 12 CNC machines,” Haines said.