EBACE Convention News

DAC Delivers Aircraft Data To Tablet Computers

 - May 13, 2012, 2:15 AM

DAC International (Stand 1131) has introduced the GDC64 tablet-to-aircraft interface, a small box that delivers aircraft data to devices such as the iPad and Android tablet computers and provides iPad battery charging. The GDC64 will be approved for Part 25 aircraft and can accept up to four Arinc 429 inputs, eight other discrete data inputs and serial data from a weather receiver.

The data provided to the GDC64 is then delivered to the tablet computer via a hard-wire connection. So the tablet could, for example, use a highly accurate GPS signal from the aircraft’s avionics and weather data from a Heads Up Technologies XM receiver to overlay moving-map applications on the tablet. DAC expects STCs for installation of the GDC64 in the next two to three months. The company is working with iPad app developers to integrate the GDC64 data with moving-map apps. The GDC64 will retail for about $8,000 plus installation.