EBACE Convention News

Gore VR HUD Lets Client Walk Around Design

 - May 15, 2012, 5:45 PM
AIN writer Liz Moscrop testing out Gore Design's new head-up display to help customers visualize their new aircraft interiors. Photo by David McIntosh

If you want a “heads up” on what’s hot at the EBACE show, head to Gore Design Completions (Stand 661) and experience their brand-new virtual reality offering. The Texas-based design company has brought a new head-up display (HUD) technology concept to help customers visualize their new aircraft interiors. Rather than travel with traditional renderings on computer screens or build expensive mockups, Gore can take its new device on the road and change colors and layouts with a few mouse clicks in a real-time session with the client.

Gore has installed a mockup of an Airbus A320 on its booth and visitors can try out the technology. It is an odd but interesting sensation, this reporter can attest. Wearing the display gives the impression of being inside the aircraft, with the opportunity to wander into the VIP bedroom, look around the dining room and even read the headlines on Time magazine on the coffee table.

Project designer Tim O’Hara said, “It’s great to offer a one-to-one perspective of scale. It gives the user a sense of the real size of the space in a truly immersive environment. It’s also cheaper and quicker to transport.”

Gore brought in long-time collaborator J.P. Magnano, president of rendering specialist 3-D Visualization Service, to help create the head-mounted HUD. “It took just 30 minutes working with Facetime on an iPad to train the Gore team,” he explained. “We’re using the commercial version of military technology, which has come right down in price.” The unit is available to play with on the Gore stand throughout the show.