Commsoft Tailors Airline Maintenance Software to Bizav

 - May 16, 2012, 1:46 PM

Maintenance software provider Commsoft is now offering its Oases software package to the U.S. business aviation market. The UK-based company has been providing maintenance planning and control software to the airline industry since 1971. The software has also been in use by European and Asian FBOs and continuous airworthiness maintenance organizations for the past five years, and the company has now adapted it for individual corporate operators in the U.S. market and has an unspecified launch customer.

“What sets us apart from other software providers is we have developed a broad array of modules. This allows the customer to select what best fits his operation and we will integrate them into a single, highly customized package that specifically meets their needs,” Nick Godwin, managing director, told AIN.

“Typically what happens is an operator buys a less sophisticated, off-the-shelf software package and then uses only the portion that applies to the operation. The problem is a change in the aircraft’s status in one module does not always trigger the appropriate change in another module.”

Godwin cited an example of having to use a part for an AOG that was earmarked on the shelf for a future planned maintenance check. When the operator uses the component there’s nothing that triggers the need to have it replaced.

“We prefer to work individually with our clients to give them exactly what they need for their operation and to provide an integrated system so it keeps track of all the details. Beyond that we continue to support the software with regular and frequent updates free of charge,” he said.