EBACE Convention News

Flightworx Aviation Introduces Web-based Flight Support

 - May 16, 2012, 5:44 AM

Flight support solution provider Flightworx Aviation is launching a new web-based flight support platform, www.iView.aero, at EBACE 212 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The iView.aero program allows pilots to interact with the company’s flight operations function to obtain information on flight bookings and progress in real time. Pilots can also retrieve instant fuel prices from the Flightworx fuel-shopping program for any location worldwide.

The portal iView can interact across the spectrum of the flight operation from pre-flight, to in-flight and post-flight activities. Flight crews can download their flight program documents and materials such as crew briefs, fuel releases and customs forms.

Flightworx said the system can deliver a full commercial activity program and can compute European Union emissions trading scheme report data.

Founded in 2008, UK-based Flightworx specializes in flight planning, permits, fuel supply and associated concierge elements of business aviation flights. It has a 24/7 operations center at Earls Colne airfield northeast of London.