Greenjets Offers Per-seat Charter Membership Discount

 - May 29, 2012, 5:30 PM

Per-seat charter broker Greenjets has launched an introductory program that offers a 40-percent discount for new clients who sign up as members before June 30. The company’s jet charter memberships typically start at $7,000, it said, but under the limited-time offer this price drops to $5,000.

Through the Greenjetcard membership, customers can book two seats between New York City and South Florida on a business jet for $1,700 per seat or between New York and Los Angeles for $3,300 per seat. The Greenjets private-jet seat service network includes New York City, South Florida, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Las Vegas, with more major U.S. markets to be added this year. Customers are also permitted to go outside the current route structure and share aircraft with other members via Greenjet’s private social networking site.

The company guarantees seat availability on private jet bookings and says it has provided thousands of seats on hundreds of flights per year since 2009. Greenjets claims it offers a “more environmentally, socially and fiscally responsible” way to use private jets by allowing customers to book seats and share charter jets, thereby reducing the per-passenger carbon footprint in addition to lowering travel costs. The company uses only aircraft operated by Argus Platinum- or Gold-rated charter operators.