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Algar Finds a Brazilian Market for the Avanti II

 - August 17, 2012, 10:10 AM
Piaggio Aero, with partner Algar Aviation, is finding a ready market for its Avanti II, seen here are Labace. Piaggio has already sold two Avanti IIs into Brazil.

Algar Aviation, Piaggio Aero’s exclusive representative in Brazil, has made a splash at LABACE 2012 with its display of the Italian manufacturer’s Avanti II turboprop twins.

Algar sees Brazil as a ready market for the sleek, speedy airplane, and indeed two of them have been sold and are already in service in Brazil. With a top speed of 402 knots, the turboprop is as fast as most light jets, burns one-third less fuel and has an equivalent cabin of what is found in many midsize jets.

The Brazilian firm is also exhibiting the Daher-Socata TBM850 at LABACE. According to Algar CEO Roger Montalvan, the fast turboprop single is finding widespread acceptance in Brazil, where there are already 16 of them in operation. Algar also provides service and support for the TBM850.

The French-made TBM850 is known for its ability to operate into and out of unimproved airfields, even grass strips. On a one-hour flight, it uses a miserly 200 liters of fuel, yet it has a top speed of 320 knots and a range of slightly more than 1,400 nm.

Earlier this year, Algar became an Embraer-authorized service center. So far it has serviced 25 percent of the Phenom 100 fleet and 12 percent of the Phenom 300 fleet, representing approximately 20 aircraft.