GAMA Applauds FAA Certification Review

 - August 21, 2012, 4:10 PM

The U.S. General Aviation Manufacturers Association has voiced its support for reforms to the aircraft certification processes as proposed by the FAA in a report submitted to Congress last week. “This report is an important first step in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the FAA, which is necessary to support growing industry activity in the development of new aircraft and safety-enhancing technologies,” said GAMA president and CEO Pete Bunce.

In April, Congress tasked the agency with conducting an assessment of the certification and approval process, as well as making recommendations on how to streamline and reengineer it. It empanelled an aviation rulemaking committee consisting of FAA members, manufacturer representatives and trade associations that suggested sweeping changes to the review process, including increased delegation of authority to manufacturers, changes that GAMA believes are long overdue.

“Aircraft certification offices around the country each have a different way of applying those delegation authorities, and it’s stifling our ability to get product to market,” Bunce told AIN. “The good thing is we’ve got the FAA leadership on board to try to make those changes, but it takes time to get the workforce to change direction.”