NBAA Convention News

FlexPerf Coming Soon to Universal FMSs

 - October 31, 2012, 5:50 PM

Operators flying aircraft equipped with Universal Avionics flight management systems will soon be able to enjoy improved flight efficiency thanks to Universal’s new FlexPerf Trip Performance module. The module will be available for Universal Waas/Sbas FMSs (and also Waas/Sbas-capable military Multi-Mission Management Systems). FlexPerf will be available with the next major software release in the first quarter of 2013.

What FlexPerf Trip Performance does is constantly analyze actual fuel burn and use that information to provide fuel savings predictions and speed recommendations for best economy in climb, cruise and descent phases of flight. FlexPerf, according to Universal Avionics “features a ‘flexible’ intelligent design that uses actual ‘realized’ fuel burn to apply improvements to the baseline aircraft performance database.” FlexPerf takes into account subtle changes such as worn paint or engine health. The module helps pilots fly more efficiently by displaying “best performance speed limitations for each waypoint” on a flight plan. “The FMS will learn and then adjust the performance calculations based on aircraft performance reality over subsequent flights, not just locked into the original factory settings that are used for the baseline database.”

Universal Waas/Sbas systems are certified in more than 50 aircraft types and installed on 2,500 aircraft.

The company also announced that it has recently completed flight testing for its new attitude heading reference system (AHRS), the AHS-525. Employing solid-state micro-electromechanical technology, the AHS-525 is designed to support NextGen flight decks. The unit can also replace heavy and fragile spinning gyroscopes and will cost less, weigh more and last longer than traditional vertical and directional gyros. Certification and first shipments of the AHS-525 are expected in February 2013.

Universal Avionics is also highlighting its UniLink UL-800/801 Communications Management Unit at its NBAA booth (No. 2500). The UniLink UL-800/801 satisfies the Feb. 5, 2015 Link 2000+ mandate for single European sky datalink services, which will apply to aircraft operating above FL295. Software needed to meet the mandate should be certified in 2014, the company said. The Unilink unit supports VHF datalink Mode 2 and controller pilot datalink communication needed for future air navigation system operations, which are upcoming in European, oceanic and even U.S. airspace.

Separately Universal announced its top 2012 national and international dealers, Duncan Aviation and Scandinavian Avionics, respectively. Scandinavian Avionics was recognized for its skill and experience installing Universal’s EFI-890R retrofit displays, especially in the LET-410. Duncan has aggressively marketed upgrades featuring Universal Waas/Sbas FMSs and EFI-890R displays.