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MU-2 Featured on The Aviators TV Show

 - October 31, 2012, 6:17 PM

Turbine Aircraft Services (Booth No. 3724) announced that The Aviators, the popular PBS program now in its third season, will feature a segment on the Mitsubishi MU-2 turboprop in episode 11. Spoiler alert: Program host and commercial pilot Sara Rependa declares the aircraft “sturdy” and comments on the high quality of its handling characteristics. The Aviators executive producer Anthony Nalli described the segment as “a home run,” mirroring the product support available for the aircraft; in the AIN 2012 Product Support Survey, readers ranked the MU-2 the first in its category of turboprop aircraft, and its ratings were the highest in every category measured for all airplanes surveyed. Turbine Aircraft Services provides aftermarket support and training for the MU-2 twin-engine turboprop. This season of The Aviators will also feature 15-second advertising spots for the NBAA’s “No Plane, No Gain” campaign.