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Phillips Goes With Avcard

 - October 31, 2012, 6:30 PM

Phillips 66 Aviation announced here on Tuesday a new corporate credit card program featuring Avcard, a co-branded card with Phillips 66.

The new Phillips 66 Aviation Wings Card will provide acceptance at more than 7,200 locations globally, along with double WingPoints at participating FBOs.

The new corporate card will serve pilots and flight departments flying into the nation’s largest network of branded FBOs. Some 870 FBOs are part of the Phillips 66 Aviation network.

The card can also be used for a variety of services beyond fuel, lubrication and maintenance, including aircraft cleaning, landing fees, oxygen, transportation, ground power, hangar rental, flight training, hotel reservations and catering, to name a few.

In a ceremony held on Tuesday afternoon here in Orlando, Phillips recognized Cutter Aviation “for 85 years of energizing business flight.” At the same time, exhibitors and visitors at the Phillips 66 exhibit (Booth No. 4560) added cheers of their own as they celebrated Phillips 66’s 85 years in business. Phillips 66 Aviation began in 1927 and now supports the country’s largest, coast-to-coast network of branded FBOs–870 and counting.

Cutter Aviation was founded by William Cutter as Cutter Flying Service in New Mexico, back when the term “fixed base operator” (FBO) was a new concept. The Cutter operation remains family-run to this day.