NBAA Convention News

StartPac Featuring New GPUs

 - October 31, 2012, 11:10 AM

Start Pac is introducing its newest ground power unit (GPU) at this year’s NBAA convention (Booth No. 5074). The new diesel-powered Ranger, which uses lithium-ion batteries, is a more economical alternative to the company’s Hi-Brd 2.

The Ranger is the only diesel-powered GPU on the market to use Start Pac’s lithium-ion batteries for aircraft engine starting, according to director of operations Mark Marar. The Ranger’s specs show it at half the weight and approximately half the price of the Hi-Brd 2. It is equipped with a Perkins two-cylinder, 14-hp diesel engine that will provide 150 amps of continuous power for running aircraft systems. For engine starting, the Ranger offers 2,400 peak amps using the onboard lithium-ion batteries.

Start Pac also has its Super Pac GPU on hand at its NBAA booth. “We designed Super Pac specifically to be one of the smallest GPUs in the aviation industry,” Marar said. “Super Pac is a modular system that is configured to meet customer requirements. Options available include the customer’s choice of either lithium-ion or a lead-acid battery in 24-, 26- or 28-volt configuration. Depending upon configuration, the Super Pac is capable of delivering up to 2,400 amps for engine start. All configurations are equipped with a 50-amp power supply, when plugged into an AC current source, to power up avionics.

Depending upon configuration, including the trolley to wheel it around, the weight varies from 70 to 90 pounds and dimensions are about 18 by 16 by seven inches. Price for the basic 24-volt model starts at $2,998 and tops out $4,510 for the 28-volt lithium-ion system. Marar said Start Pac also is displaying a 2300QC Super Pac with a 24-volt lead-acid battery and a LI2800QC Super Pac with a 28-volt lithium battery. D.A.L.