Avantair Resumes Flying after Three-week Grounding

 - November 13, 2012, 3:20 PM

St. Petersburg, Fla.-based fractional provider Avantair restarted operations on Friday following a nearly three-week voluntary grounding of its approximately 60 Piaggio Avantis. “We’re back and flying, and are covering all our trips now,” Avantair CEO Steve Santo told AIN yesterday.

The voluntary grounding was precipitated by a July incident in which an Avantair-operated Avanti shed an elevator in flight. As the subsequent NTSB investigation closed in on the elevator hardware–also the subject of a previous Airworthiness Directive–Avantair “decided in the caution of safety to voluntarily ground the fleet” on October 10 and recheck the elevator hardware on each aircraft, as well as all maintenance documentation.

As it began standing up the fleet a few days later, the NTSB lead investigator then raised a red flag about the locking ability of reused lock nuts, which was permitted when the AD work was performed. At that point, Santo said he decided to reground the entire fleet, replace all of the locking nuts on the fleet’s elevators and investigate if any other similar hardware was reused during previous maintenance events. “We decided to do what was right,” he said, “even if it caused more delays.”

Avantair is also voluntarily raising its safety standards to include Part 121-style operations and maintenance safety programs, as well as a safety management system, Santo added.


Nobody is buying this bull, and i'm sure the owners can see through this bs as well.

Also suspect is the fact that AIN decided to redact ALL previous comments and lock previous articles, no doubt on Avantair's request to bury this stinking mess. Current owners and pilots alike described the horrors at this company, and this so called "news site" decided to bury it instead of get to the truth. I'm quite sure this post will disappear shortly...


AIN took the decision to remove temporarily comments on the Avantair story when we became aware of a high number of anonymous comments featuring unpleasant personal abuse of individuals. Ordinarily, we would have removed these comments individually but this happened during the week when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey where AIN’s headquarters is located and when many AIN colleagues were either without power and internet access or were working at the NBAA show in Orlando. We had intended to reopen the stories for legitimate comment and will now act to restore previously posted comments as appropriate. As ever, AIN will not tolerate abusive comments on this or any other story–especially when they come from individuals who refuse to identify themselves

I am glad to see Avantair back and already busy as ever. My experience with them has been positive - and the people their have my respect. This has not been easy for them but I am glad they are back at their jobs doing the great work they do.

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