Avic Unveils 'New-gen' Chinese Business Jet

 - November 13, 2012, 3:25 PM
Aviation Industry Corp. of China (Avic) is working on a “China New Generation Business Jet” (CNGBJ), the company said today at Airshow China 2012 in Zhuhai. According to Avic, the twinjet will have long legs, a large cabin, high cruise speed, fly-by-wire controls, integrated avionics and "new generation" turbofan engines.

Aviation Industry Corp. of China (Avic) is working on a “China New Generation Business Jet” (CNGBJ), the company revealed today at Airshow China 2012. A scale model of this new design is on display at the manufacturer’s exhibit booth at the six-day airshow, which opened today at the airport of Zhuhai, Guangdong province in Southern China.

According to Avic, the CNGBJ is “a high-end large business jet with long range, a large cabin and high cruise speed.” The aircraft, which currently exists only in scale model form, will have “full-digital fly-by-wire, highly integrated avionics and new-generation propulsion systems.” Avic further claims that the CNGBJ’s performance will exceed that of the Western business jets flying today. Estimated first flight and certification dates are not yet known.

“It can easily achieve a transcontinental flight and can meet the requirements of all kinds of business flights under complicated environmental conditions. The spacious and comfortable cabin allows you to enjoy the extraordinary air travels,” the company said. The airplane will have a “fashionable, spacious and comfortable cabin, and global IM entertainment system, providing unparalleled office and leisure enjoyment,” as well as “high dispatch rate, low operating costs, green low-carbon emission and [be more] cost-effective than same-level products.”


And will be able to bend steel in its bare hands! Seems the Chinese are using marketing textbooks from the 50's: exaggerate enough and some moron might believe you!

The Chinese high-tech industries are today 20 years behind the West with little chance of catching up in the next 20 years. A green aviation product when their factories belch smoke and spew poison into the rivers? Seems their emphasized programs are way off target. Make the country livable for the population and then work on making a me-too showpiece.

I can do one better: here I have a scale model of the Starship Enterprise that will blow the doors off this jet. Warp drive: almost ten times the speed of light! Only needs refueling every 10 years! Travel to Mars in just a few minutes! Photon torpedoes and force fields for defense! Replicators on board instantly make almost anything you need (3D printers are so 2012)! Transporters let you move instantly anywhere when in orbit around a planet! Note: estimated first flight and certification dates are not yet known.

What a load of crap. They haven't even been able to get that home grown plane flying even after copying the whole thing from the west.

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