Jeppesen Releases Mobile FliteDeck v2.0

 - November 20, 2012, 2:55 PM

Jeppesen recently released Mobile FliteDeck version 2.0 for the iPad, including the recently introduced fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini. In addition, it rolled out flexible pricing options for four U.S.-based JeppView data subscriptions based on two or four device installs. A JeppView data subscription is necessary to use Mobile FliteDeck on the iPad.

A new feature in FliteDeck v2.0 includes enhanced navigation functionality to simplify complex procedures, quickly determine own-ship position and make decisions based on enhanced situational awareness. It also has a new night theme display and the ability to highlight terminal charts with the slide of a finger. The framework for the latest version has been redesigned for selecting SID/STAR and approach charts more efficiently and optimizes the display of terminal procedures and en route charts for both the iPad and iPad mini.

Meanwhile, providing increased options and flexibility for JeppView subscriptions allows for cost savings for customers requiring fewer device installs. By choosing two installs, rather than the standard four, customers will save about 35 percent for the same purchased chart coverage area.