JSSI Introduces Two New Programs

 - February 13, 2013, 11:25 AM

Jet Support Services (JSSI) has introduced an Embraer Legacy 650 airframe program and Platinum-level coverage for the Honeywell HTF7000. According to JSSI, the airframe program covers “virtually every part, component, assembly and system on the aircraft, excluding the engines and APU.” Under the new Platinum Engine Program, JSSI clients receive coverage for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events, 24/7 technical support, future mandatory and recommended Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives, rental engines, removal and replacement and freight coverage. There is also the option of adding coverage for scheduled repair and replacement of life-limited components as well as routine inspections.


There seems to be an error in this article. The Legacy 650 is powered by a Rolls AE3007 engine, not a Honeywell HTF7000, which as far as I know is the engine selected for the Legacy 500 and 450 series. Finally, what is JSSI offering for which platform?

The wording could have been better but the article is about two seperate programs.


JSSI introduced two unrelated programs: One for the Legacy 650 and one for the Honeywell HFT7000.


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